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AfterEffect Animation

Glitch Effect

Camera angling

Composite animation

Technical Information:

Program Used: Photoshop, AfterEffects


Graphic Designer, VFX artist


British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design and Web Development



This design concept is to create a 3D dimensional depth as well as an eerie look and feel for the composite animation using various effects in After effects. The main goal of the project was more surrounding gaining experience with aftereffects animations and effects.


Design and concept:

Design and concept was mainly wrapped around learning how to make depth out of 2d dimensional flat images and improve on stylization by properly conveying a mood or feel for the design.

Pre-production tools:

In order to create the 3d depth composition, I needed a background as a setting and a couple items or images to put in space so i could move them in space. I had a couple picture of myself in different poses while the setting came from a picture of a warehouse. I used pictures of myself that i could easily edit, taking out myself from them with little difficulty.

Look and Feel: 

This had to be determined using the music and sounds which are also integrated in conveying visual concepts such as this composition. The music and sounds show what kind of feeling to expect in the clip and serves a directive in the flow of the clip.

Background image of a warehouse taken by myself served as a good setting for the scene.

 Content for the design:

The sound effect and music used in this composition are creative commons licensed for re-use and all free on the web for re-use. Music track was taken from purple planet.


After the images were cut the first thing that needed to be worked on was the background. The backgound was then scaled and rotated to bring some eeriness into the scene. Also the use of the 3D camera really made environment track seem more true to life. The next step was to use the time warp effect to slow down the clip, followed by using some texture on the clip to bring some roughness to the scene.

The following strategy was to change the color of the back ground, increase some of the lighting and glow on the clip. This was done using the glow effect, levels and color balance. Finally, to get the glitch camera look I used the holomatrix effect found from the Red giant universe plugin.

3D Camera:

Having a 3D camera would be important to track the movement of through space in a more fluid like motion as though it were recorded using an actual camera.



Images and Effects:

In order to get the images to move in a similar pattern to the rotation of the background, they need to be parented to the background clip. After that the images needed  to have a similar holomatrix effect on them which will tie them into the composition. They would also need to be sized and rotated prior to parenting them in space to bring that sense of depth into the 2d elements.

Final design and deliverables 

The final outcome of the these effects and elements coming together is a quick composition that really showcases what can be done using some fake camera movement or imitation, some flashy effects, positioning and scaling. It was very exciting to create and explore techniques on 3D  depth.

Final Composition

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