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3 Poster Series

Technical Information:

Program Used: Photoshop, Illustrator


Graphic Designer


British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design and Web Development – 1st Quarter

Mind mapping and Ideation


This event “Blue Is Going Green” is promote several weekends devoted to environmental sanitation of the banks of the Fraser River here at Chilliwack. The “Blue” is a connotation for water and the Fraser River. The phrase “Going Green” is a common reference for saving the environment. This represents a movement to make a good positive impact on our ecosystem. This action is a step to help nature reclaim her beauty and sustain the environment for years to come.

The posters’ message will combine the use of color and acronym B.I.G.G. to spark human curiosity. There will be 3 styles promoting the event in a unique manner with color and word play.



In order to create the logo or wordmark, ideas where oriented around trying make a design for the acronym as opposed to using a full wordmark of the event.

Wordmark/logo mark was created from the base font roboto. With the pen tool  I softened the edges on the font then removed the fill on the text and increased the stroke for some boldness to the wordmark and logo. Logo was created using the pen tool on a circle and creating country shapes using the pen tool.


Design mainly originated from my sketches of what kind of design aesthetics I wanted to convey to the target audience of the design series.

Ideation through sketching brought around various themes surrounding the concept of promoting the event  and creating awareness for Saving Fraser river and through recycling. Drawing with the broader sense of the theme helped with really getting my idea out of mind. It helps declutter my brain in order to see things closely and narrow down more finite designs.

Early Drafts: 

Bringing the design to life, I research on various posters to see what similarities where there among environmental posters or awareness for the environment. With a grasp of what i wanted to create I decided to design on photoshop what in order to put a more concrete form and set of colors to the design.

Based on some of the rough sketches, I wanted to include some sort of vegetation in the poster to represent nature and how much nature is important to this awareness event. I got the picture from a stock photo website and began blending with various elements. I also moved some elements in space to get a set of  composite images that were a step closer to the final work.

Organization and Layouts:

After Narrowing down some finite designs, I sketched a few of these designs into composite roughs that had a connection to each other  in threes. This was due to the scope of the project being to produce a three poster series design.

Organization at a certain level in design is very important to help in proper planning of where the elements  will go in the design series.   

 Content for the design series:

Background images used are creative commons licensed for re-use and fonts are all free on the web for re-use or pre-installed with my workstation


Final design and deliverables 

After careful revision of the drafts the poster design went through several refinements so that elements were clear, legible and visual convey the message that was needed to be conveyed through the poster to its target audience. The final deliverable had most of the elements reorganized but still maintaining the general message that connects the 3 poster series. I feel the poster really has a strong visual message that could possibly invoke an environmental action on change the human footprint locally at Chlliwack, BC.

3 poster series  for awareness