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Logo Design 


Web branding

Technical Information:

Program Used: Photoshop, Illustrator


Graphic Designer


British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design and Web Development

Mind mapping and Ideation


This design concept is to create a brand identity for a fictitious company. Then the next step is to market the brand through various forms of packaging. The final step in the marketing of would be a web mockup containing the packages.



Wordmark/logo mark was created using the font Roboto black which is a serif type of font. To make the Blurr’d logo i used the pen tool to create the wordmark from making some customizations on the Roboto font with create outlines followed by direct selection and pen tool to make the edges more rougher and edgy.  Looking at various brands in the fashion industry, having the logo on a grayscale proved to be best step forward.

Look, Feel and UI: 

This was determined through researching on various websites for reference and the simplicity or complexity to the site and how that mattered to the product they were trying to market.

The homepage has simple layout with the nav, hero banner then footer. I believe this is a fashion forward and urban approach for the marketing the products. The hero banner contain two simple call to actions with some copywriting to target the audience. The Blocko font was used here as a robotic oriented font. This kind of font was used to add an urban yet young, pixelated yet futuristic effect to the look and feel of the site.

The merchandise page follows a simple yet effective approach too.  As an overlay, each specific merchandise is placed on a semi transparent plane with a simple user friendly looking cart section. with a similar setup above, below the merchandise is the product description, details, reviews and related items for easy access.

The products section is a simple products  page where users can easily access each product for online purchase.

Merchandise design and packaging:

To make the branding on the sweat shirt and t-shirt, I got picture of a plane T-shirt and then got a picture of a sweatshirt. Under select and mask used the various masking techniques to get the selection of the items and layer mask . Next step was to duplicate the shirts and then blend the duplicates to get some more texture and shadow.

Logo on the arm was placed using a vanishing point steps Also the logo was liquified to give more of a movement on the arm contours and to follow some creases on the shirts.


 Content for the design series:

Background images used are creative commons licensed for re-use and fonts are all free on the web for re-use or pre-installed with my workstation.

Final design and deliverables 

The final outcome of the design series is a complete package and some forms of logo application designed in various forms of media for its specific target client or audience. Web mockup gives the user a look and feel of how the product would look on its site. For a site to be launched there would however need to have more research done and testing done with specific user group.

Website mockup