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Deep discove bannerhead - tolu olaku graphic design

4 Poster Series 


Web banner Design

Technical Information:

Program Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Graphic Designer


British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design and Web Development – 2nd Quarter

Mind mapping and Ideation


This design concept is to create a brochure for the city of Vancouver. My Deep Discove a third-party company that helps users easily access to major activities that can be done while out on a day’s adventure at Deep Cove. It places a close look at one of Vancouver’s top spots for outdoor adventure giving users. The mission of the company is to give tourists and Vancouverites a seamlessly never-ending adventure. We will achieve this by introducing users to numerous things that they can do while in Deep Discove.



Wordmark/logo mark was created using the font amazing kids which is a handwritten type of font. Developing the logo, I used variations of the font sizes and font-families then played with placements of words and other possible elements. The final look was based on the font mentioned above and a gradient fill.

Design and layout:

Design and layout main originated from my sketches of what kind of design aesthetics I wanted to convey to the target audience of the design series.

Ideation through sketching brought around various themes surrounding the concept of Vancouver, BC and tourism attraction or rather more generally what things to do in Vancouver. Narrowing down, the concept of the brand really began to come alive.

moodbaord - discove

Look and Feel: 

This was determined through the mood board research through many stock images and tourist destinations in Vancouver and more specifically deep cove region.

Organization and Grids:

Use of grids in while doing design work is very essential to help with form and keeping a consistent layout on the design series. Organization lets me know where things are on each page for easy accessibility.

 Content for the design series:

Background images used are creative commons licensed for re-use and fonts are all free on the web for re-use or pre-installed with my workstation.



Final design and deliverables 

The final outcome of the design series is a complete package designed in various forms of media for the target client or audience’s requirements and specifications. It gives the user a detailed approach of the packages and outlines the major information about each package or activity keep it short, detailed and sweet. With a contact information for where to find these activities and sign up directly users the best accessibility of these activities and can get in touch easily.

Deep cove is very popular and is packed with a lot of exciting things to do and with this guide you never miss out on an adventure worth your time and your day never dulls.

4 poster series 

The brochure

The banner for web

web banner final deliverable