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Social Media Ad Campaign


Video Direction

Technical Information:

Program Used: Premiere Pro, AfterEffects


Graphic Designer, Videographer, Video Editor


British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design and Web Development – 3rd Quarter



The idea originated from new media student, Elliot and was brought to life together with team members Tolu, Nathan, Manuel and Francis.

Focus Fuel is a concept that was inspired by the busy and non-stop lifestyle of BCIT’s new media students. The demand for caffeinated beverages such as coffee and energy drinks are high in environment where students wake up early and sleep late in order to meet the deadlines set out by the intensive program.


Content Planning For Focus Fuel

From the very beginning stages of development of the brand, we knew in order to compete amongst the current caffeine beverage market, we needed to create dynamic content to promote our products. The type of content would be videos, photography, blog posts and interviews of different personas that endorse Focus Fuel. This content would be distributed and marketed on social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube following a scheduled release from a content calendar. Our main driving content and the one that had the most impact upon our viewers was the video series interviewing different likely personas that used Focus Fuel. The videos were produced with the aim the promote the products and help audiences learn about Focus Fuel as a company.


Obtaining Content

The content was obtained through mockups, renders, short videos, blogs, and creative writing.

A specific setting for each video played a crucial role in breaking down the personas that were being used for each week and bringing the audience into each professional lifestyle that was being marketed by our brand.


Social Media Strategy:

We planned our social media strategy early on based on constant posting of visual content on Facebook, Twitter and Medium, focusing mostly on Facebook because we felt more comfortable with the way of interacting with people. Later on we started posting videos on Youtube, as a secondary channel.

Our target was to steer people from the media channels to our website as a way to increase traffic and create brand awareness ultimately as we think our product would work better as a point of sales product rather than an online distribution kind of product.

Content Calendar: 

The approach taken was to at least post 3 times a week. Sundays were for the videos and because it’s a short persona-type video, it was made sure that there should be a few days taken off after its posted so that the audience can let the post sink in. This was constantly monitored and consistently maintained by myself and Nathan. We both tracked our progression with the personas to ensure all posts are kept up to date and on time. 


Weekly Personas:

Personas were a marketing approach to getting our audience or users to connect to the brand. Each persona takes a look into the life of a professional in their respective field. The aim was to get users to see how professionals like themselves were thriving in their career and able to up their productivity levels with the help of Focus fuel.

focus fuel first persona - soccer player

The Soccer Player

focus fuel third persona - Pro gamer - graphics

The Pro Gamer

focus fuel second persona - the DJ/Beat producer - graphics

The DJ/Beat Producer

Campaign results and Analytics

This marketing tactic really blended into our overall brand marketing strategy. The use of personas really boosted our traffic on social media platforms. Activity on Facebook and Instagram really increased due to the fact that posts such as pictures or snippets on these platforms were used as call to actions for our persona videos on the youtube platform. Followers on Facebook and Instagram responded to new content relating to the videos.

Due to the youtube channel being launched later than other social platforms, not enough data was gathered for the time period that this project was in session.

Facebook and Instagram analytics 

Watch the Videos

The DJ/Producer

Shot By: Tolu Olaku, Elliot Jung

Video Editing: Nathan Magno

Video Direction: Tolu Olaku

The Soccer Player

Shot By: Tolu Olaku, Elliot Jung

Video Editing: Nathan Magno

Video Direction: Tolu Olaku

The Pro Gamer

Shot By: Tolu Olaku, Manuel Torres

Video Editing: Tolu Olaku

Video Direction: Tolu Olaku