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Social Media Ad Campaign


Video Direction

Technical Information:

Program Used: Premiere Pro, AfterEffects


Graphic Designer, VFX Artist


British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design and Web Development – 3rd Quarter



The idea originated from new media student, Elliot and was brought to life together with team members Tolu, Nathan, Manuel and Francis.

Focus Fuel is a concept that was inspired by the busy and non-stop lifestyle of BCIT’s new media students. In order to accompany videos for the professionals’ profile for the Social Media Ad Campaign, the objective was to make a title intro and outro using the logo component and various visual connotations.


Obtaining Content

Content was obtained through use of various adobe aftereffects plugins to create the desired effect. The fog and mist used for the motion graphics was purchased for personal use in design.


Logo Animation

The logo was animated using various tools of aftereffects to bring out the desired look and feel of the brand through this design.

The background depth and feel was created using the some cloud, lightning effect and some various other tools to bring out the glow and the misty/storminess of the background.

One of the major connotations of energy we derived as a brand that aimed to boost the energy and productivity of our end users via the focus fuel beverage was lightning. Lightning brings vibrancy, it’s quick, sharp, and full of energy.

This means that the use to the lightning effect would be a great addition to making the logo have the same appeal as what we aim to be as a brand towards our consumers.

Watch the Videos

Focus Fuel Intro

Focus Fuel Outro