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Video Editing


Color correction and Coloring

Technical Information:

Program Used: Adobe Premiere Pro


Videographer, Video Editor


British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design and Web Development – 2nd Quarter



The objective for this project was to create a video ad and market a brand either known or fictitious. The project required use of pre to post production skills learnt through out the tenure as a student of the BCIT and as a designer or creative in general.


Design and concept:

The ideation process of this project was surrounding marketing a company that was either fictitious or real. Looking at popular ads like the Lincoln brands and other ads. We decided to look at creating something fun and creative using a kind of “dreaming of a lifestyle approach and actually becoming that lifestyle” approach.

As a brand myself and my team members agreed on using the Mazda brand for the videography. We felt like using that brand would be more applicable to the scenario given how Mazda ads are versatile and their cars are marketed for any type of working class person.


Transitions really help to keep the pace of the action of several cinematic shots or tie a shot to another seamlessly. The transition effects used here are mostly advanced fast blurring into high paced scenes called chromatic blur or swish pan. These transition effects are created from the Red Giant universe plugin which is an amazing tool to have at your disposal.

 Content for the design series:

The Logo in use here is trade marked and by Mazda  and not intended for commercial use. This is solely for BCIT educational and portfolio showcase purposes.

without 35 mm film grainwith 35 mm film grain

Use of Film grain:

Film grain is something I discovered recently that makes a massive change to the cinematic experience of the whole video composition. How its done is simple and easy through placing the 35mm film grain as a layer on your whole video comp. Then you duplicate the 35mm clip to span over the complete sequence and nest those clips into one. Final step is to blend the layer with the layers beneath by switching the blending mode from normal to screen and toggling the opacity.      


Use of Effects:

Visual effects really bring out the mood of shot or adds some sort of drama, mystery, glimmer to the shot or composition.  Complemented with sounds associated with the scene or shot, it can really help with conveying the meaning of the scene in the sequence. Here the glow effect is used on the radio where its talking to the driver. This adds some feeling like the radio is magical or coming to life. Complemented with the sound of the person talking in that scene as the radio, the meaning of that scene really begins to comes to life.  

Use of Coloring and Color correction:

Unless the color tones that come with original shot was intended to be like that for the movie or sequence, color correction is a good tool for rectifying the actual color of the shot or composition. When it comes to coloring a composition, it usually has to do with creating a mood or feel on the shots or video clips.

Here I used a LUTs Preset to change the mood of the shot and toggled the intensity, vibrancy and other features to get the look and feel intended for that shot.

Final design and deliverables 

The overall experience was really worth while for me in improving my videography and video editing skills. The tools and techniques I have learned so far coupled with a good team really brought this project the its final destination.


The Mazda car commercial project

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