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Magazine cover 

Web Edition 


  Web banner Design

Technical Information:

Program Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Graphic Designer


British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design and Web Development – 2nd Quarter

Mind mapping and Ideation


The goal of the project was to develop a brand identity and aesthetics surrounding the theme ‘Small is Beautiful’ and a select connotation to that theme. My choice based on research and interests was Hors d’oeurves or Appetizers in the broader scheme. Ideation and brainstorming led to creating the name ‘Outside the Meal’ which is the literal translation of the french phrase Hors d’oeuvres.



Wordmark/logo mark was created using the font Bodoni 72  which is a serif type of font. Developing the logo, I stuck to a strong, standard and bold looking wordmark. Looking through many magazine references I saw similarities in the most popular brands and that what that they had bold wordmarks.   The final look was based on the font mentioned above and a single color tone to it based on the color palette of the feature of the issue. I also beveled and embossed the wordmark so that it felt more bold on the cover of the magazine.

Design and layout:

Design and layout main originated from my sketches of what kind of design aesthetics I wanted to convey to the target audience of the design series.

Ideation through sketching brought around various themes surrounding the concept of Outside the meal design. Sketching the elements really helped in putting them in space and see where each visual element will complement the other in terms of shape and size.

Look and Feel:

Look and feel of products were determined using the mood board. Dealing with representing a food on magazine, website, banner or newsletter I was attracted to warmer earthy tones which better represent the feeling of warm food. The fonts I had picked were due to the royalty and high class feel of most serif fonts.

Organization and Layouts:

Visually placing elements in the work space really helps in having a grasp of where elements would be and where they would easily get the audiences attention. While doing design work, it is very essential to help with form and keeping a consistent layout on the design series. Organization lets me know where things are on each page for easy accessibility.

Content for the design series:

Background images used are creative commons licensed for re-use and fonts are all free on the web for re-use or pre-installed with my workstation.



Final design and deliverables 

The final outcome of the design series is a complete package designed in various forms of media for the target client or audience’s requirements and specifications. I feel that it really conveys the mood and sense of elegance that comes with “edible jewels” such as these.

The magazine cover is elegant, bold and eye catching while the banner is simple and highlights the most recent issue.

The website has a simple layout and has easy accessibility for the previous magazines issues as well as various other important elements to keep the reader or audience engaged on the site.

The newsletter conveys the elegant feel that has to do with whole brand and the use of marble as background makes it feel high class. It also high snippets that can be found in the newest issue of the magazine.

Magazine cover

The Web mockup of the magazine

The banner for web

The newsletter